Electret Condenser Microphone

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Electret Condenser Microphone

in Taiwan. With engineer staff more than 20. strong R&D capability, advanced production lines, perfect Q/A control system and strict raw material purchase control enable our products to meet trade standard and customer's quality level and delivery date. Our quality policy is quality first, offer high quality and high reliability products to our customers and do not make any trouble to our customers. Please contact now.
  • Electret  Microphone - EM4015
    EM4015 : Electret  Microphone
    professionally manufactures and sells the condenser microphone, including omnidirectional, unidirectional, noise canceling, SMD type, and digital microphone.
    The diameter is from the smallest size 2mm to 14mm for expert. The thickness is from 1.1mm to 6.7mm.
    Divided from the electric conduction, there are solder joint type, wire type, DIP, SMD, and concentric circles (contact-type).
    Besides selling the microphone, we also provide the technical support, such as circuit design, sound enclosure design, etc. Our experienced engineers will help you to resolve all kinds of problems.

  • Electret  Microphones - EM6022
    EM6022 : Electret  Microphones
    Directional: According to the sound receiving range, the microphone is divided into omnidirectional, unidirectional, and noise canceling. The noise canceling microphone is designed to decay the low frequency far. Most customers use omnidirectional microphone; the unidirectional is only used in some special occasions, therefore we should pay more attention to mechanical and circuit design.

    Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the microphone affects the recorded volume. However, high sensitivity doesn't mean a good microphone. The good circuit design is also necessary for getting better results. We suggest selecting a middle common sensitivity at beginning. Too high or too low might affect the lead time and the price.

    Test condition: The test voltage and the impedance affect the sensitivity of the microphone. Generally speaking, the higher the voltage and the impedance is the better sensitivity we get. Therefore, the test condition is for reference and IQC only, which is usually different to the reality.

  • Miniature Electret Microphone - EM6022N
    EM6022N : Miniature Electret Microphone
    • The advantages of the electret condenser microphone.
    • Transform sound into electric signal- The best design in theory:
    • The design of electret condenser microphones is based on the theorem that we use charging and discharging motion between electric capacity conductors. When the ultra-thin or gold-plating Mylar diaphragm response to the sound pressure level, it changes the static electricity between the conductors into electric signal directly. Then we can gain a proper output of impedance and sensitivity by the electric circuit coupling.
    • The characteristic of reappearing the original sound:
    • To reappear the original sound is the highest performance for the acoustic specialist to achieve. If we check the basic design of the microphone, wecan find a electret condenser microphone can transform the sound into electric signal directly, because it is not only manufactured with accuratemechanism technique, but also combine complicated electric circuit. Therefore, with the excellent characteristic in advance, the electret condenser microphone must be your best choice.
    • Very wild frequency response:
    • Diaphragm is a main component of a microphone to sense the sound and to transform it into the electric signal.
    • The material and the mechanical design of the diaphragm decide the acoustics of a microphone. Due to the material of the diaphragm is very thin and light, and can transform the sound into electric signal directly; the range of the frequency response can reach to the ultra-low frequency (under 10 Hz), and the high frequency can also gets to supersonic easily, which shows the characteristic of wild frequency response.

  • Best Electret Microphone - EM6022U
    EM6022U : Best Electret Microphone
    How to choose:
    • Electret type: Back electret type provides better low frequency response, but it costs higher.
    •  Dimension: It is difficult to make high sensitivity with the small size. The thinner of the dimension is the higher it costs.
    • Directivity: Omni-directional type microphone meets most kinds of consuming products, our R&D team will support your special requirement.
    • Connection: Soldering type, DIP type, and Spring contact type.
    • Rubber holder: Rubber holder can reduce the interference from the inner mEcho/ howling: This situation usually happens when a microphone is too close to the speaker or face to the speaker in wrong angle.
    • Noise signal: The microphone should stay away from any components which might send signal such as antenna and speaker. The cleaner the power source is, the fewer the noise signal is.
We own a very gifted artisan talent pool which guarantees timely deliveries with top quality Electret Condenser Microphone. We also cater to our broad client base offering our range in customized form adhering to the demands and specifications of our clients.
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